Used To Be…

I don’t know what they call it today, but it used to be

  • Plus
  • Reward$
  • FanClub
  • DollarDen
  • PointsPerks

Companies change their rewards programs and their discount offers all the time. Changing them keeps it fresh, fun and exciting… it also gives the brand an opportunity to discontinue something that they thought as a good idea, until – well, until people redeemed it more than they thought they would.

Way back when… we collected PampersPoints. You know, back when the kids wore diapers and we – as you can imagine with 3 children – used a lot of diapers. We never turned in our points but then one year, they offered a Power Wheels Jeep. We had plenty of points, nearly enough for two of them actually.

We weren’t the only ones.

When we redeemed them, they had “overwhelming demand” and it took over 6 months to get that Jeep, but we kept patiently waiting and finally it came.

All the kids drove it. It was amazing. I think it still works and my siblings added to the fleet – which now resides at Nana and PopPop’s house.

Like I said, all the kids drove it.

Now, I am thinking that if a lot more things were like they used to be…we might actually have enough credit card rewards to get a real Jeep today. But, those programs ended and we had to turn them in for smaller items. Be sure you use them. You are loyal and you should be rewarded…Just don’t wait – turn them in, get something you can use, or get a savings pass – it still is better than not being rewarded for going to the same brand all the time – whether it is for a few years or more than a decade (or two.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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