Everyone on Vacation

Everyone on vacation should be relaxed, rejuvenating, recapturing their youth.

Everyone not on vacation should be jealous of them.

Unless, they can’t do anything until their clients get back.

Take this time to review, redo, revise your plans. Take early afternoon breaks and come back to work if needed. No rush, no pressure, no worries in August.

Get ahead. Go to the pool. Swing on the swings. Take a walk in the park,

Have fun.

It is better for you.

Then, you can be more focused and spend more time doing the things that matter more.

Of course, everyone on vacation should share pictures of their perfect break…just to make sure that we all know they are having fun. So much so… that when we go away on October (or maybe late September) we can remember that they had fun and now it is our turn.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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