There’s Traffic

Today, there’s traffic and then there is Traffic. One, indelibly good for you and your business and the other, bad for you (and for your business) oh, and not in that order…

I was telling two colleagues yesterday how my dad chooses not to drive in traffic (this is while we were stuck on I95 on a Friday night on our way to our first vacation on the Outer Banks North Carolina.) It was a projected ten-hour drive, before GPS and before our daughter could “amuse” herself on her iPhone all the way there. We left 2 hours earlier than I said we should have and boom; dead stop at Allegheny Ave. There shouldn’t have been traffic at that time, in theory, but we knew the city and there just was. It was not a good start to the holiday.

The memory was triggered by someone saying that they work from home in the morning before they drive to the office so that they avoid the 10 mile drive that takes 35-45 minutes due to morning rush. Not a bad idea… I agree. I can relate. But today, I don’t “hate” Traffic, I look for it.

Sure, 15 years ago, I thought my dad was crazy. Of course, maybe I was just a bit jealous. I always had to drive in traffic, but, now, I don’t (well, sometimes, but not all the time.)

On the other hand, helping businesses attract customers online (and for my blog), I see Traffic as a good thing. Always, looking for more of the good kind of Traffic, we try to get the right words and the right concepts on the screen in the eyes of more and more people. Creating value, educating, sharing ideas; driving – while staying put – or being mobile, but not necessarily behind the wheel. There’s traffic out there, you just have to find the kind that helps you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I do sort of feel bad for the billboards. They are still too expensive and they have some serious competition – even the digital ones can’t compete with what’s going online.

PS Here’s a view of my “morning” traffic today.

Morning traffic

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