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When you sign up to volunteer for a group, you may not have any idea what it is that you’ve just agreed to do. But, you do it anyway. From politics to parent-teacher organizations (or associations) and girl scouts to the spring fair; from the non-profit fundraising committee to sitting on a board advising the senior team at a company…each has it’s own value. Each of these, no matter how small or large, will teach you something.

While you provide a service through your time, experience, advice and expertise – you will be exposed to new ideas, new perspectives and new experiences that will forever change your life.

It is the middle of the winter and while so many people are getting to the end of their patience with snow, ice, cold and wind, there are others who are at their limits, too. From meaningful to trivial – the drought, hunger, the control someone else has over their life, the community upsetting vote that a school board made or just the event that won’t happen without a new chair person because the person who has done it for 10 years is done.

Look around, sign up and do something. The winter won’t seem to be so much of a bother when you have something else more meaningful to do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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