Bad Fries

I have pretty strong opinions about food, especially foods that are made from a potato. (Yes, Gail, french fries are made of potatoes.) Just like most Americans I take the french fry very seriously and bad fries are insulting.

It is Saturday night, you are stone cold sober and your evening will not be complete with out a snack after the big event. French fries and milk shakes. (Yes, you can dip the fries in the shake – sweet and salty – yum.)

My heritage is Irish – yes – it is (in spite of my current last name and what country you may think I belong) I am Irish and French and…a few more. Being Irish doesn’t make me an expert on potatoes, let alone french fries, but but I do think that they could be done better. As an American I think we all deserve better.

Sure, there are preferences when it comes to fries: thin and crispy, substantial steak fries, seasoned or not, with cheese or without (we are in the cheesesteak capital of the world and with or without is a very big thing), shoe string or chipped… any of those varieties can be – and should be – amazing… but, they aren’t always. In fact, most times they are not even “okay”.

There are restaurants that focus on steak or pizza or burgers or seafood and most of them serve fries as a side, a filler and a must have accompaniment.

My belief is that they should make those fries better even, than the star attraction, but at the very least – the very least – equivalent in quality, taste, and craving power to complement the thing the chef loves to make. It can be done. Go back to your supplier, buy fresh potatoes if you can, frozen if you must. Then, you can make them honorable, equal and delicious because bad fries are not worth the effort, the calories and just not worthy of the chef’s (or the brand’s) reputation.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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