The Underdog Wins

Sometimes, the underdog wins. It is probably not as often as they lose, I wouldn’t know – besides not being totally into statistics, I am not a huge, regular sports fan. Unless it is college teams (for my school,) or my kids’ team, or the Olympic athletes.

The thing is that the “lesser” of two options isn’t always sports related. It is often a retailer, a restaurant owner or even a local bank.

I really do love those groups. They are community based, they are individuals trying to make a difference, they are part of the community, they are holding themselves to a higher standard.

I also believe that franchised brands fall into this category – not all of course – but enough do to include them, too.

When the underdog wins, it gives everyone hope. It gives the world around us a reason to smile and for me, it gives me the push to keep trying to help the little guy succeed – even if they are just giving you “puppy dog eyes” just to make you want to be a part of their lives.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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