Statistics are Just Numbers

So, if you are entrepreneurial, creative or a self-motivated and have confessed that you are an over-achiever, you probably believe – like I do – statistics are just numbers.

  • You ignore them.
  • You create your own.
  • You lose at tic tac toe with your kids… ❤️
  • You don’t even use numbers when you talk to people.

You connect with people and find a common ground. You create opportunities. You find out what makes others tick.  You believe in the impossible and then you share new ideas with them…making it happen through your own force of will.

You say that it doesn’t matter if no one has ever done it like that before. It only matters that you believe anything – any thing – is possible.

Go out, start something new, be on the cutting edge – or go retro and fill a need.  You can get the stats, but…

  • You will still root for the underdog.
  • You will still try to do something just because you can and you want to try.
  • You will not listen to the odds.

You can’t only rely on the numbers alone. It is more than that.

If we believed them:

  • Apollo 13 wouldn’t have become a movie based on the greatest success after a failure.
  • The Challenger would have been prevented from even launching because the numbers would have been interpreted correctly, and then, clearly communicated to the people making decisions.
  • The Eagles wouldn’t be in the SuperBowl in 2 more weeks (11 days to be precise*.)
  • It would still be raining outside, oh, and thundering & lightning, too.

Proper, effective communication matters more than the numbers.

Sharing the odds – after clearly communicating why it will work – defeats your purpose and the end goal.

Having – instead – a belief that you can do anything. Being willing to pursue that goal to accomplish “beating the odds” is the best possible way to beat the odds. Prove yourself right. Statistics are just numbers and people are what make them change.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

*11 Days is only “precise” right now. Today. At this very moment. Even by the time this blog was posted the number was off.

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