Rooting For The Underdog

In all ways, I firmly believe in rooting for the underdog…even more so, when they are the home team. In case you are not aware, the Philadelphia Eagles are in their last playoff game of the season, a great season in spite of injuries.

Tonight, more than any other, we want them to win. Personally, I want them to win.

  • I love a good triumph story.
  • I want to celebrate overcoming adversity.
  • I love to know that they had to come up with a new strategy.
  • I want the ones who worked harder to win, get the win; showing the others how.
  • I love to see the odds get blown out of the water. (I am not great with statistics…so there.)

All of our city is rooting for the underdog and tomorrow (or, later tonight actually,) there will either be mass celebrating or a sad, sad group of people. Tomorrow morning – even if they are a bit hungover – every single fan and last minute band-rider should look to the sky.  I am guessing, if they look carefully, they will see an Eagle soaring with the sunrise behind their back – triumphant, majestic and above all proud of what they have accomplished.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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