The Stuff That Matters (Part 3)

TSTM – Part 3:  Since I’ve been – not so subtly – in this “The Stuff That Matters” series, dancing around Valentine’s Day in a lead up to the holiday, I think it is only fair to mention – one day a year is not enough.

However, in many cases, Valentine’s Day is THE one day a year when we stop and recognize who matters in our lives.

  • We buy them gifts.
  • We say we love you.
  • We do special things.

It shouldn’t happen just once a year – it should happen every single day – at least once a day.

Not the gift part.  The recognition part.

While I’m sure that even if many of us do recognize that saying I love you, or thank you and I really appreciate you – the “love” holiday is something that makes people think about smaller, all encompassing things.

  • Say thank you.
  • Write a note and put it in their lunch.
  • Take a moment to hold the kiss or the hug just a little bit longer.
  • Make their coffee.
  • Empty the dishwasher.
  • Draw a heart in the steam on the mirror.
  • Watch their show, instead.
  • Fold the laundry before they can.
  • Fill their water glass.
  • Buy the snack they like better than the one you like.
  • Plan ahead…send them a love letter.

This year, maybe even tomorrow, in spite of the Big Game that is on deck, notice just one thing. Do something for them that is similarly small, but noticeable, if they too are paying attention to you, too – you will know that it is meant to be.

It is sometimes hard to stop and acknowledge that the stuff that matters are the very, very little things. Those things that are done every single day and maybe even go unnoticed. Even if they don’t notice, still do them anyway…it is totally the right thing to do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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