Food and Fun and Football

There are a few things I like better than food and fun and football isn’t one of them.

I am all for food. All for fun.

Football, except for the SuperBowl, I can take or leave.

Sadly, I can’t say that the Atlanta Falcons was any higher on the list. It had nothing to do with the team, I don’t know a single player.

I know that the New England Patriots have history on their side with wins, accolades and of course, a lot of old history. Maybe that is it…New England (not a city nor a state) was “founded” in the early 1600s.

I should probably have picked the underdog, from the newbie city – the city of Atlanta – founded in 1847 with the younger, more energetic team (at least through the first half of this 51st SuperBowl match up.)

I mean, come on… New England isn’t a state or a city.

It’s okay, I am not bothered by this apparent upset. I am really here for the food. The underdog performing well should make me very happy. I always like, root for, and appreciate the lesser team for winning.

It’s just that Atlanta is always so hot, humid and well, humid.

In the end, I guess all that really matters, unless you bet on the game – is the food and fun and football – with the game of all games for this season coming to an end in two short quarters.

Go Team ~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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