The Stuff That Matters (Part 2)

TSTM – Part 2:  This Valentine’s Day themed blog series continues today with part two – the actions and beliefs of what really is important in life – other wise known as “the stuff that matters.” This part is about the things that he does…whether you believe that these are the most important or not, well, that is up to you.

To me. These are the things that matter.

  • Honesty.
  • Integrity.
  • Being a patient and attentive father.
  • Actively being there, always present and able to listen (even when I ramble.)
  • Checking the basement during heavy rain for flooding (we live in a 130+ year old house – this matters, I assure you.)
  • Being committed. From the very beginning. Over 25 years ago. On our very first, non-date.
  • Trying, always to make me laugh.
  • Looking at me. Seeing me. Loving me.
  • Willing to take risks.
  • Loving all of our family and accepting my friends. Spending time with both whenever I want to do so.
  • Encouraging family to be with us, on vacations and even living with us – being a part of our family.
  • Making me happy. Helping me be happy on my own, too.
  • Being home. As much as possible.
  • Sharing movies, comedy, books, news, politics (even as stressful for me as this can be, it is important.)
  • Bringing me flowers, for no reason.
  • Knowing what flowers are my favorite…
  • Agreeing with me on what is the better option for – well, whatever it is that we are considering…
  • For being balanced – fair – equal.

In this life, the days are short, the years get even shorter; not everything always goes the way we want it to go. Tough times. Fun times. The regular days. The confusion. The misunderstandings. The mornings, evenings and in-betweens.

Coming home every time I travel to this – the stuff that matters and most importantly – to him. An all-encompassing embodiment of life, love and partnership. It makes all the travel and the time away worth it – just to be reminded of what I left behind; I am so fortunate to return to this.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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