The Groupon Problem

The Groupon Problem as I am calling it – for the companies and brands who use this form of marketing – is becoming worse. I fear that it is making more of an economic statement than I hope it is…is it still just a “marketing” tool to generate trial or not?

Let me back up. I think Groupon is a great option for new businesses who are trying to get the word out, Grand Opening events, drives to push new customers or clients to try them for the first time. The ideal situation – and maybe I am an idealist – is that they try it, they like it, they come back. They keep coming back if they still like it, over and over again.


So, I have to point out a HUGE issue with the latest e-mail push that I have been getting from them…for Dunkin’ Donuts.

This is one of the biggest brands in the country – while they are not yet fully integrated into the west coast, they have a solid footing most everywhere else in the US and internationally. Not the biggest brand, but with over 3,100 locations in more than 30 countries – they’re one of the biggest.

Why, oh why, does the brand that brought us “Time to make the donuts” and “America Runs on Dunkin'” have to sell gift cards on Groupon?

It is cementing in my mind, my perspective and my opinion (of course) that The Groupon Problem is here to stay. Their radio campaigns hit this week here, too. According to them, you (anyone) can save $100 a week with Groupon…I am sure that statistically it is true – especially if, you never go back to the same place twice and you don’t believe in brand loyalty or paying full price for anything, ever (like when you shop at Bed, Bath and Beyond.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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