The Grocery Store Blitz

There is this little challenge that I call The Grocery Store Blitz. It is just one of my self-imposed attempts to do more in a little bit of time, accomplishing everything on my list with very little room for margin of error.

I don’t know sports analogies for the most part, and certainly not anything in detail about a football blitz – I had to look it up to be sure – but, no. This is nothing like that.

It is more like a dance, to 1974 song “the Ballroom Blitz”. Fast and furious. A bit frenzied. If you want an even faster, more frenzied version – try this one.

  • You have to prioritize. You usually have to skip the deli.
  • You have to set a timer.
  • You can’t talk to anyone until you get to the check out, then you are free to be polite, but certainly not chatty.

Self-checkout? Perhaps. Better shot is to find an almost finished line (completely empty is waaay better, but usually not an option.)

  • You can’t get everything on your list.

Wait, did I mention that? You must have a list. (That goes back to the prioritizing.)

  • You should use a cart (you can run and ride on the lower rack rail if you want, just don’t be too risky with this – if you can’t pull it off – don’t try it.)
  • The market basket is too small, will get too heavy and will slow you down, or at the least, mess up that last visit to your Chiropractor.

Today’s visit to the market, in between picking up from the High School and the Middle School was done at the behest, nay begging of our children “but, mom…we have no food!”

They were right. Hey, forgive me, I’ve been sick…but, as tempted as I was to order from Amazon Pantry the other day and have Cheerios and bread delivered, I wanted just a bit more variety for my kids. I was optimistic that I would not be sick for more than the weekend (boy was I wrong) and believed that I would make it to the real store for cheese, chips and fresh produce, along with the obligatory bread, milk (no, scratch that, we don’t drink milk) and eggs, too.

So, with 14 minutes at hand, and a trusty assistant… (which, you would think doubles your list fulfilling ability – you’d be wrong. More on that another day…) I was able to get MOST of what was on the list and while it wasn’t my most beautiful performance, I was able to introduce the idea of The Grocery Store Blitz to two of the kids and my husband. You should try it some day. It’s fun and way more fun than ordering groceries online.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Remember the ice cream.

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