Take The Days

It’s better to take the days that come to you and appreciate each and every one of them.

The early snow – bonus if it is big white fluffy flakes – even better happening the day before Christmas.

The warm pre-spring day of 50 (60 or 70!) in February.

The work from home days when it’s rainy, windy and cold out.

The Saturday laze-about, watch movies and hang out with the kids eating nachos for dinner.

The dinner out with a client and lingering over a cocktail, chatting about how much better this year is going.

The booked up, Zoom all day, feeling of accomplishment, getting stuff done, work day.

The flexibility to take someone to a medical appointment and keep stress levels as low as possible and help with healing.

Yes. Let’s just take the days one at a time and appreciate them all for their value, meaning and knowing that it’s better to experience a balance of good and bad than to have just one or the other.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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