Still Too Much

Whether it is a little bit, or a lot too much, it is still too much

  • overflowing liquid in a glass.
  • bright light after bring in a dark room for a long time.
  • stuff in your house, especially after the holidays and not having donated nearly enough prior.
  • last year’s files and the set up for this year – before you have a chance to archive the paperwork.
  • free pens from every bank, service provider and trade show vendor, so many that they do not fit in your pencil cup.
  • gasoline in the tank (it stops pumping for a reason.)
  • food, after eating a late breakfast, and an early lunch – then having appetizers with colleagues and dinner at home on top of being pressured to eat dessert by little girls wearing brown and green uniforms outside of the market.

There are times to say no, or perhaps a very polite but firm no thank you. Pass it on, someone else can probably make good use of it.

  • Wait until you need it.
  • You can’t (always) fill up and store it for later.

Whether you get it for free or you pay for it, or you are donating to a group and helping with fundraising. If it is not needed, it is still too much and it should be re-considered.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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