Sometimes It Isn’t About The Journey

I know that the latest buzz phrases are all about “Do what you are passionate about” or “Live, Laugh Love” as well as “Enjoy the journey” but sometimes, it isn’t about the journey. It is about the destination.

We were lucky enough to be invited to help a very special person celebrate a milestone in her life. She has been with us to celebrate so many of ours and it was wonderful to be there to help her celebrate her amazing life with family and friends.

We couldn’t rush to be there too early because it was a surprise. It was one of those times when you hope will work out and she won’t find out so that it really would be a surprise, (unlike so many baby and wedding showers…we ALWAYS know.) Then, she was surprised and it was so nice to see it in her face – all night long. Joy. Memories. Happiness.

2014-11-08 11.17.21

In this case, it was about the eventthe time together – not the journey. I am not saying that hours spent in the car wasn’t “being together” — it was — and there was a lot of togetherness. That journey was special, too – one of our best (really, I’m not kidding) but this one was all about being there.

And then, to be honest… after it was all over. It was about being home. HOME!!

2014-11-09 05.34.18

I do wish someone could invent time travel, so that we could spend more time with those who matter so much – make it less about the journey and more about being there for as long as we possibly can be. (Even if we see amazing sunsets once we hit the last leg of our journey.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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