Abundance and Scarcity

Somewhere between too many and not enough is a problem in retail and service establishments alike. There are definitely two schools of thought: abundance and scarcity.

Did you ever travel predominantly alone and never truly notice the 3 sets of towels in your hotel? You may never have noticed, because it’s perfectly fine. Abundant even.

But then, travel with your family. Notice how the 3 sets of towels in your room, stays at that same number… until you exceed 3 people and then only increases to exactly the number you have staying in the room.

What if you shower twice? What if you are larger than an average person (hotel towels are small…) Plus hotel pools are loaded with chlorine, a double-shower-day is absolutely necessary.

Why do we need more for just 1 but then exactly enough for 5?

Is it based on customer service belief that one person traveling alone deserves to be pampered with an abundance of clean towels? Or, has the hotel industry always had three towels in the room because that is what Conrad Hilton or J Willard Marriott did and everyone else followed those hotelier legends? Or, is it a modern statistical analysis done by the company on what is needed in a room on an average stay and therefore more efficient?

There are ways to save money but sometimes the excess – especially when people pay for something a bit out of the ordinary “day in the life” – is better. It is better to be slightly abundant than too scarce.

It is all about customer service… what would you rather be known for in your company?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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