Bumper Sticker Branding

Riding down the road today, saw this car and while it caught my eye, this is an example of marketing and bumper sticker branding – to it’s nth degree, in all it’s glory and it’s unfortunate demise.

What brand do you see? Which one should you focus on the most?

Unfortunately, the brand which is paying for the fuel and the staffer’s time to drive the car is being lost in the message. If this is the owner’s car, shame on them. If it is a temporary summer worker, perhaps they should not have been given the magnet to stick on the door.

I do think that using a tactic of bumper sticker branding works…but only when there is a clear message to be found, read and remembered (in a good way) on the road.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Bumper Sticker Branding

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