Seemed Like A Good Idea

Well. Some time ago, it seemed like a good idea.

But now you have 27 pounds of pumpkin, or apples or whatever it is that you decided to go pick by hand.

And, it is 11PM. Again.

Sure…it seems easy. Go back to nature. Be part of the farm movement.

Until you have to do more than just eat the finished product and enjoy the process of procuring the ingredients. Which, admittedly, we do. We love going to the farm, laughing, walking in the sunshine, getting dirt on our shoes and enjoying the local ice cream, cider or other seasonal treats.

I know, I know. I will be fine.

I finally baked off the apples that we picked in the beginning of October. Apple cake. Apple pie. (Not applesauce…) Apple tarts. Baked, caramel chocolate, gooey apple treats. Plus, there are still a few crisp enough for snacking we saved.

Flash forward to November 1st and now, it will be pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and probably some kind of pumpkin risotto – or, oh soup! – in our very near future.

It seemed like a good idea the day before Halloween…now, maybe not so much. I guess you can ask me again at Thanksgiving when we have fresh pumpkin pie filling instead of what might possibly be sweet potato mush.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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