No Cancellations

There are no cancellations, or postponements…of a holiday that happens, once a year, every year on the same date.

Halloween is October 31. Period. End of story.

Kids wait all year for this. They start planning it in the spring, or even just after the holiday is complete – gearing up for next year. They change their mind a hundred times, sometimes even after you have purchased their costume in what you hope will be their size in the fall…

Nope, you can’t push off Halloween.

Except, 7 years ago, when Hurricane Sandy hit our area.

There were widespread electrical outages, lasting for several days. In that case, it was postponed – by legal curfew – in some towns.

Not all.

Our little borough was not one of them and thus, we had mini vans unloading parents and kids.

Why? Why do parents do that?

Because, when it comes to kids, candy and dressing up, there are no cancellations. It just isn’t a frivolous thing and thankfully, this year, the weather held out. No rain. No high winds. No snow. No flooding. No power outages. Just warm, humid weird weather that made us rethink costumes – taking off layers and modifying what we were…even as we walked and boasted about full sized bars, friend’s antics and having so much fun on a school night.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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