Real or Not Real

Sometimes, people are skeptical about marketing executives and their product pitch. Is what they say real or not real?  From commercials to ads to slogans and taglines – what they say may just sound good. 

Today, I think that people are just as guilty…about their own lives. 

“What’s on your mind?” Facebook asks… Well, let me think. What happened today? Or, wait, even better and quite commonly imterpretted is, “what happened today that was fabulous and impressive?”

The video of the perfect cake, maybe it is and inspiration. But…it was actually made by a real person (just like you and me) but it could very well be made by a professionally trained chef who works day in and day out as a non-chef, but is passionate about doing that one fabulous thing. We all admire her work, online is nothing compared to eating what she makes, too.

The photos of that amazing eye shadow…on the kid in the school play or the Halloween costume is a real person, she lives down the street. But…what you don’t know is that in her childhood, and through college and into her first career, before she was a counselor, she was an artist and she can create more than just perfect makeup…just like the professionals can do it. 

The adorable children posed adoringly in front of the pumpkin patch in their fuzzy boots and slouchy hats. But…at different times. Those kids took their own special moments to go from pouting, to running away and even kicked, screamed and cried, leaving frazzled mom to sort through 400 pictures and a few selfies hoping to find one that works…the best one (0.25% of those taken.)

Sure the world online is amazing. But…being real or not real is dependent on whether the moments were spontaneous or staged, filtered or found in natural light, edited and/or what’s that word – curated? Yea. It’s all real just not always at the same moment. Instead it’s tiny pieces of perfect that make up one whole wonderful day, which actually happens over a lifetime – just like everyone else is living.

 ~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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