Reading Not Writing

I spent the weekend, among other things reading not writing. To that end, I was able to make a change in my process. One that maybe is better, or maybe it isn’t. Time will tell.

We never know the small things that we do and how they will impact the future – whether it is just hours or days ahead of us – or weeks, months and years into our future. We just have to do them, no matter what. Believe that things will be better in the long run.

Learning, adapting, growing – all are honorable things and good goals to have. We just don’t always set them as such. They are just the things that people do; well, at least, some people do.

Being open minded, listening to others, and perhaps – reading not writing – is a thing we have to do occasionally. Even if we are the “expert”, the thought-leader, the one who creates new content… Sit back, browse the internet, find something that is not trending, go to the library and check out a new genre. Be open minded. You might be really surprised at where it leads you to go next.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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