Learn It This Way

When you are a kid or just starting our in your first job, you are told to learn it this way.

The “it” is everything that they want you to know.

Whether it is taught by your parents, teachers or your coach, dance instructor, drama director…your manager.

They all have their way.


You don’t know anything better.


Then, you do learn and if you are able, if you can break away from that doctrine to come up with your own process, maybe you will be able to share that, too.

Flash forward a few years. If you find yourself in the situation where you are telling someone (like your kids, students, athletes, dancers, performers…employees) to learn it this way, you better tell them that there might be a different, or, an even better way that they will someday invent. In fact. I hope you (and they) do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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