Pure Emotion

Given the week we are having in our family, there is a lot happening…pure emotion would understate the situation. Graduation celebrations, move up ceremonies, new schools to consider attending, leaving one we’ve known for 11+ years, catch up work from being away for nearly two weeks – not to mention final exams.

There have been smiles, tears, laughter and some frustration thrown in for good measure. To say that it is emotional, is understandable.

This is why there are firms and brands who use emotional marketing to capture your hearts, make you believe and to trust them. Ultimately, pulling on your heart strings just enough to make you pull the product from the shelf, put it in your cart and buy it at the point of sale.

I have in front of me a bottle of water. A retail, pre-packaged bottle of purified water (locally sourced, within about 75 miles of our house). It isn’t in any way, shape or flavoring, special. Ok, I will tell you the brand. Nestle Pure Life. It isn’t sparkling, it is not enhanced, it isn’t even spring water.

Yet, clear as can be is a picture of one of the Nestle staffers with a quote “If I give you a bottle of NestleĀ® Pure LifeĀ®, I’m giving you a bottle of love.”


So, if I give this to my daughter in her lunch or to carry with her to school, then I have bottled up the love I have for her and sent it with her for her day.


Still. There is something in this. It evokes a response. It may or may not be pure emotion for me. I mean, it is bottled tap water, it was probably on sale…and it’s been a pretty awesome week. BUT…I do want her to stay hydrated, healthy and alert for her last final exam. Oh, wait, I only have one bottle left. Do I drink it, or send it with her – along with a hug, an “I love you” and a “good luck” (or more acuratelly “bonne chance“)?? Oh, what to do. Maybe I have to go to the market and buy some more.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

A bottle of love... (huh?)

Pure Life = Pure Love

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