Grads and Dads

Alll month we’ve been seeing information about celebrating grads and dads. I say it this particular way as we are knee deep in the “grad” portion of the month, but are quickly closing in on dads.

What are the gifts we want this year? 

Money for grads seems to be an easy, no brainer – if you were 10, 13, 17 or 22 (elementary through college aged) you’d agree. Heck, you could be 25-75 and you might still agree. But…

It’s just that cash for dad isn’t. Quite. Right. 

Can you ever “repay” and thank your dad with enough money for taking care of you – as one dad recently said to me “when they’re this age, I’m pretty much focused on keepin’ em alive and changin’ diapers.” I couldn’t disagree, his are still toddlers and preschool aged. It gets tougher. Driving. Boys. (I grew up as a girl…so that’s my perspective…as for my brother, I’m not so sure my dad was “worried” per se about girls…) and that’s the least of our worries today. Snap chat, friends with benefits, drugs…

Ugh. It’s Friday night and mine are still young-ish so, lets go back to the grads and their gifts for a minute. 

Let’s be positive and hopeful that we’ve all bestowed upon them the fragility of their life and that they are not invincible. Sure, have fun, enjoy the summer…work if you can and start saving for something even more meaningful than a book or a bracelet or a laptop. Become even more independent. Ask for help when needed. Take on a new challenge and grow, just a little bit more. 

We’ll still be there for you. We will laugh with you. We will cry for you (or for our own selfish selves when you don’t need us as much anymore) but remember, there is more than just graduation. There is more than just you. 

We celebrate grads and dads… together for a reason. We couldn’t have done it alone. Nor would we want to if we could choose. So…chin held high. You did it. You’re the best! The Class of 2015 (2023…) now, go hug dad and be sure to say thanks.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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