4 Things

There are 4 things that these people are… the ones who helped make today so very wonderful. They are professionals. They are teachers. They are Moms. They are volunteers.

After a long day of teaching, after getting your kids up, dressed, lunches packed and out the door (onto the bus or into the car to bring them directly) to school. They go to work. To school. At the end of that day, they stay and they help you and the other moms, the ones who work in/out of the house, and together, they put this shin dig into place ans set the stage. The ceremony to celebrate their kids’ accomplishments.

They stay until 10PM or later, even later than the custodial staff is comfortable letting them do after hours…after the allotted time for this project has long since passed.

The kids are the children we’ve raised. The kids are the students they’ve taught all year long for 6 to 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Together we are giving our kids the experiences that will help shape who they will become, as professionals (do it right or don’t do it at all), as teachers (maybe), as moms (hopefully) and as volunteers (most certainly).

The two women who stayed to help, are just as wonderful as the 4th grade teachers who taught our kids this year. (I know, they were in a larger group, none less involved than they…) it is just that we get to witness the results of their work. These women, who are so much more than just 4 things; I see how they impact my life for the better. Not everyone has their work judged every day, every 10 weeks…every year. So kudos to you, Beth and Carol; of course, kudos and many thanks to Wendy, Amy, Belinda and Kate. What a year it has been…just two more days left to savor and enjoy. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us and our kids. It’s been oh, so O.H.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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