Pumpkin Dinner

Pretty sure that no one has ever uttered the phrase “winner winner pumpkin dinner“, until now.

We made – from “scratch” – roasted pumpkin soup tonight for dinner and it was delicious. The ultimate in farm to table. Especially considering she only decided this is what she wanted to make at 6PM.

A quick trip to the farm… which was closed and had been closed for over an hour. Bummed, but not defeated.

With nothing better to do, we bought some cider doughnuts, scallions and apple cider…and headed quickly to the other farm.

Still local.

Just a bit farther away.

  • Roasted local pumpkin – as noted, freshly picked from the local pumpkin patch.
  • Roasted garlic.
  • Orange bell pepper (as if it needed more orange, but hey, we use what we have.)
  • Sea salt.
  • More garlic.
  • Ginger.
  • Sauteed Vidalia onion.
  • Olive oil.

Garnished – appropriately – with spider web sour cream and black sea salt from Hawaii.

I am 100% certain that the cheese and crackers served as an appetizer were more expensive than all of the other ingredients used in the main dish, including the Hawaiian sea salt…

It may have taken a bit longer than we had planned, but this pumpkin dinner was definitely a winner.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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