Lazy Fall Weekend

It is nice to have a lazy fall weekend after a long busy week of travel and meetings. On top of that, it is sort of nice to see that there are still signs of summer lingering.

I actually, even, love the weird sun that we are having. In spite of the glare, it is warm and cozy, while it is blinding you at some moments of the day.

SUNday is not always the very best day (the kids would argue Saturday is better) but it is still a good one to have.

  • Full of family.
  • Full of fun.
  • Full of food.
  • Full of football (*if you are into that sort of thing.)

Plus, Sundays are an important part of a lazy fall weekend. Taking your time to pick out ingredients for dinner and a bouquet of sweet summer flowers (imported maybe) to enjoy for the rest of the week. Just inhale and savor the rest of the day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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