Pleasant Little Surprises

It is wonderful when you get pleasant little surprises that you didn’t expect.

I am not talking about the early delivery of your Amazon or Target packages. Nor am I talking about the treasure trove of butter in the organic section of the grocery store. I am also not referring to the super sweet (in a good way, not too sugary) peppermint mini marshmallows you found directly opposite the organic butter.

I am not thinking of the Happy Thanksgiving e-mails, social posts or texts. I don’t mean finding the turkey baster right where you thought you put it last year (see, Martha, you don’t have to just throw it away and buy a new one every year…)

Nope, none of that.

I am talking about the smiles, the kindnesses, the ability to check off the boxes without a hint of stress.

I am talking about finding that out of the way service provider who not only has last minute appointments, and not only runs on time, they are ahead of schedule and can take you early (which is even better than on-time.) Plus, they send you the follow up before you even drive yourself home.

I am talking about the flowers that showed up, the letters which arrived in the mail, the pictures that someone sent you because they thought you would smile.

Yep, all of that (and more.)

We are always thankful for pleasant little surprises…and we are even more grateful to be able to share them with our friends, family and loved ones. See you soon. Safe travels. Have a wondrous holiday.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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