Alternative Ingredients

Taking both the holidays and supply chain into consideration, you might want to think about alternative ingredients.

You can have turkey, or something else (face it, do we really like turkey that much?)

You might want to offer another green vegetable (instead of the one that you were planning to make) no one likes those anyway.

You can choose a variation of a pie, (or soup or bread) that you have always wanted to experiment with for the holiday.

You should (however) find those cordials that make the particular cocktail you want to serve, because that recipe is totally unforgiving (and it won’t even come close to being what you wanted if you don’t.)

The shelves are still kind of empty, here and there, but especially as people are aware of the shortages. They appear to be planning, ahead of schedule to get what they want. They won’t have to use alternative ingredients…but, maybe you already were and you will be fine.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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