Planning Ahead

Planning ahead doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone.

It might be getting work done before it is due.

It might mean leaving earlier than the GPS thinks you should leave based on current traffic conditions.

It might mean looking to the work / project timeline and adjusting the schedule.

It might mean, buying extra dinner so you have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

It might mean having the tough conversation before something goes wrong – the “what if this happens” scenarios – so that you are prepared even if you never need this skill.

It might mean pre-ordering items that you know will be on a long lead time.

Or, planning ahead might mean something else entirely to someone who is in a different mind set. Maybe they lived somewhere else, or have been through other life events that make their perspective vastly different from yours. None of these perspectives are wrong…they are just different and let them have their way – or, maybe you can learn from them and be less stressed out the next time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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