Ready To Celebrate

For some, they are finally ready to celebrate Christmas. This year, more than most, families across the country have waited to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Maybe they practice an Orthodox religion – and tomorrow is their big day. I am sure that they – and their children are ready to experience the wonder and joy that will come soon.

Perhaps, they enjoy the full twelve days of Christmas, with today’s Epiphany happening on January 6th – a wonderful day to rejoice.

Or, like many – the date is not the most important of the celebration – instead, they just look forward to family and friends coming together, whether it is today, tomorrow or the weekend.

No matter when someone chooses to gather to share tokens of love, friendship and the Christmas season it is a good time. Be ready to celebrate when you see family, friends and loved ones. It is more than the treasures and the gifts given. It is the smiles, the warm hugs and the sharing of a delicious, lovingly prepared meal together. Happy Christmas to one and all, no matter where you are in the world – or your lifecycle of the holiday. Be a part of the reason for joy this season.

~ Dawn

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