No News

It used to be, that news took a long time and no news was just a lack of information. It would get there, when it got there. You couldn’t do much to speed up that process.

Today, in some cases, not getting news is good.

  • Nothing went wrong.
  • Everything is status quo.
  • Business as usual.
  • All is good.
  • Your “adult” child is busy, attending classes, doing all of their work and home, safe in their room at the end of the day.

The general situation is that people are too busy to share info and they are focusing on the task(s) at hand.

They are happy, engaged and just too busy going about their day to share anything bad or negative.

Then again, sometimes no update from others means…

  • Everything is going wrong and no one has time to tell you.
  • Or, they don’t want to tell you.
  • They want to tell you but they don’t know how.
  • They haven’t the means or the methods to get the news to you, their phone is out of charge and they are stuck someplace with no pay phone (what’s that?) and certainly no coins in the event that there was one anyway.
  • Maybe, they have given up trying to share because no one seems to care or pay attention.

It is good to find out. It is good to know. Is important to be available to help. Communicating the reason why you want to know is more than important, it is essential. Then, they will find the right way to get you the information in a timely manner.

Then, when you have no news, you can be more likely to trust that the first part of this story is the one you will enjoy hearing about later.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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