New Eyes

More than just new glasses or contact lenses (though that is a fabulous option) seeing with new eyes means that you are just opening up to new possibilities.

  • Being more open.
  • Being more aware.
  • Being more loving.
  • Being more caring.
  • Being more flexible.
  • Being more compassionate.
  • Being more kind.
  • Being more worthy of other’s care.
  • Being more willing to share.
  • Being more capable of giving.
  • Being more of everything possible.

Life comes at us fast. Change is necessary. Some can’t adapt as quickly. When you have the ability to be flexible, be…more.

Seeing with new eyes can be a wonderful, beautiful thing…this thing we call life. Start now. Start tomorrow. Just start. You will be amazed at what you see and even more so at how it makes you feel so much better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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