More Than The Soundbite

To fully understand and know the story, you have to listen (or read) to more than the soundbite (or the excerpt.)

Teachers find this happens all the time. Kids don’t actually read the classic novel for the summer reading assignment. They watch the movie, talk to their friends (or their parents – who, to be honest, totally forget) to learn what that book was about.

The Spark/Cliff notes, Wiki, GoodReads, or Amazon summary is not enough.

Shockingly enough, neither is the headline.

  • What did the story really say?
  • What was the true meaning of the speech?
  • What did they want to tell you?

We all have the time – especially these days – or, should make the time to read more than just a headline, or a Facebook introduction, a Reddit comment.

Let’s make sure that we pay attention to more than the soundbite and make our own conclusions.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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