Marketing Is Life

Even if you are the most cynical person, who hates advertising, marketing is life altering – in so many good ways.

We all market ourselves…

  • When we start making friends.
  • When we want to impress our teachers.
  • When we want to make the team.
  • When we want to get another person’s attention – the person we’re starting to really like – more than friends.
  • When we want to win the debate.
  • When we want to get into college.
  • When we just want to be served the dinner we’d prefer to eat.
  • When we want to get the job…or the promotion and the raise we know we deserve.
  • When we know whom it is we want to marry.
  • When we want to get approved for the home mortgage…or, even a car loan.
  • When we want to explain how special our children are to the teacher who isn’t quite seeing what we see in them.
  • When we know what’s next and it is going to take some convincing to make them see your perspective.

The list goes on and on and all of it is so very important depending on where we are in our life at this very moment.

Marketing is life, lived out loud. It is being so proud of ourselves that we want more people to know how much better we are than we appear on the surface. In our skin. In our clothes. With or without our tattoos and piercings and bald spot and gray hairs and wrinkles. Every single one of us judges, ourselves first, most often – so just pretend that you are the only one who can make you appear as valuable as you really are. Go tell everyone.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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