It’s the Other Way Around

So, after all of the efforts in putting together yesterday’s post. It came to mind that I might have been wrong. Hey, no one said I was right all the time…certainly not me. So, yea, I think it’s the other way around.

Life is marketing.

Everything else is the same. The pitching you do, the poker faces you make, the extra efforts and the soul searching thoughts that you have to make sure that you are showing the world who it is that you want to be.

I hate to think that I have been spending time blogging every day for for nearly – wow – two years and I have been thinking of it all wrong.

Hat Girl’s Take on Marketing and Life was meant to be both sides of what I do.  It is that I would take on marketing beliefs and mantras; but also share my perspective on life.

You know, the life events that we have every day. The things we experience no matter how hard we try to control life. It isn’t controllable. We can only control what we do and even then, that doesn’t quite work out the way we plan it.

For me, marketing is life, but it’s the other way around, and so much more than that, too.  Maybe, one of these days I will figure out exactly what it is that I can bring to everyone around me.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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