Let’s Go To Wawa

My kids nearly lost it tonight when we were driving home from visiting their grandmother and I said. “Hmmm. What should we do for dinner?”  I knew that it will be too late to make the family-friendly – but, still takes an hour to cook – Hello Fresh box that was delivered today. So, I suggested, “Let’s go to Wawa.



The disagreements were loud, fast and furious. All 4 of my family members acted like I had been abducted by aliens and replaced by a clone that had been brainwashed in fast food land.

They know me.

All too well.

Now. Let’s be fully clear about what I meant when I said, “Let’s go to Wawa.” I did not, in fact mean, let’s buy Doritos and chewing gum… but instead, soup, mac n’ cheese, hoagies, salads and sure, snacks – but only as a side dish to the main event and whatever they wanted for dinner. So, instead – we went somewhere far better, just not for you – you know, Five Guys.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS The only thing that would have made our dinner choice better had been if our local restaurant had the equipment to make milkshakes.

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