The Simple Things We Do

The simple things we do are probably based on convenience. Easy. Smart. Familiar. Done.

  • We need a legal name: Our name + Consulting, LLC
  • We need a logo: our initials (in our own handwriting)
  • We need an office: In our home or in town, rented from someone whom we know or someone who put up a sign
  • We need a website: GoDaddy. WordPress. We do it ourselves.
  • We need a brand… now, that is where we can start thinking, working, developing, creating and delivering – this is where we stand out and we need to stand out!!

The simple things we do are probably the essential things that get us started. They get us out on our own. They get us feeling good that we have begun something new. But, then…the real difference is in the “everything else we do” that is oh, so complicated. Maybe we change some of that initial stuff, or maybe we don’t, because in the end, it might not need to be more complicated than that.

KISS ~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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