How Convenient

How convenient it is for us to have convenience stores, right? They offer you quick snacks, hot beverages on a cold night and short walks to get those things you need like milk, bread and eggs or sandwiches, snacks and candy.

Often, the store is located on property with other product and service offerings like fuel, car wash and air for your tires.

I worked for an oil company for a long time that worked very hard to create convenient yet quality food offerings inside. There were a lot of things that we did outside at the pump to encourage people to come indoors to make a purchase.  This was after we spent a lot of time and money to install card readers that were quite convenient to allow them to more quickly fill their tank, pay and go.  We created pricing promotions, bundled item sales and reasons to come inside…they were all very appealing and did a pretty good job making the customer WANT to come inside.

Flash forward to this evening, in the driving rain, temperatures dropping and an empty gas tank, I stopped at the nearest stop. Pricing, not the issue – actually fifteen cents more than the one closer to home and my “normal brand” – but then, rather inconvenient was the prompt to see the clerk for my receipt. Really? Is there a reason I have to come inside? I couldn’t help but think “how convenient” and on a night like this…it wasn’t at all what I’d want to do, nor even remotely convenient.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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