Leave it to the Experts

When you don’t know what to do, you absolutely should leave it to the experts.

Spent a few hours in the ER this morning. I am not a doctor. I don’t have x-ray vision. I know marketing. I know brands. But, in this case, I can only guess what is the best course of action or I can leave it up to the folks who know far better than I do.

Our hospital has it down to a science. They have listened to their customers and they added a pediatric ER and specialists who know kids better than adults. 9 years ago we spent hours and hours in the hospital with the same child; but today the customer experience is much better – much much better.

Do I want to have great customer service at the ER… um, yes. I do. Of course, I’d prefer to not have to go. But when we are just not sure if it is broken or not…we have to make a tough decision to go and leave it to the docs.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Not broken – I didn’t think it was, but I had to be sure 🙂

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