Learn to be Happy

It is not hard but, some people have to learn to be happy

Between work, family, the need to pay bills, not to mention taxes – sure, it can be difficult.

I think it’s kind of like the difference between natural (baby) breathing – in through the nose, filling your belly and lungs with fresh air – and what adults do, sucking in to breathe and flattening their bellies to appear the way they think they should look.

In control, on top of everything, being right, fully formed mature humans. 

Stressed out.

Why is that?

How did it happen?

It’s Friday night, summer appears to have arrived early, albeit briefly in the northeast and if you look at it objectively, maybe it can be easier than ever to learn to be happy. Nothing to worry about, nothing to be done but to relax and enjoy what life brings. I’d say, try it. You might like it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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