Just Different

Had a conversation today about beach towns. This one verses that one. In reality, this is not better, and yet not worse than there either; just different.

Beaches from east to west and north to south are all similar – none are really better than the other. They have sand. Shells. Stuff left behind (whether it is inconsiderate guests or the waves that wash stuff up on shore.) Some have lifeguards, others don’t – swim at your own risk and watch your kids, too – no matter what.

The sun rises and sets, while the moon’s gravitation pulls the tide in and out with a slight modification each day adjusting for the tilting, turning planet.

Some beaches are more kid and family friendly, others pet friendly and still others ready for boats, fishing or where clothes wearing is completely optional. Some are bigger or wider than others and some allow 4 wheelers to drive off the road and onto the beach front.

Kids love them all pretty much the same, no matter what. It’s only as we age that we see them with preferences over one verses another…we create our own ideals for where we want to spend our time. Happy to be just where we are. Maybe, we are just different than the others, not better but certainly not worse.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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