Surfer Mentality

Do you have a surfer mentality?

Just want to hang loose? Cowabunga dude? Nothing matters but the waves.

The waves matter…not retail hours. That is for sure.

I am not sure that they even care if you buy something or not. Maybe they should? Eh. Whatever man. Waves are great today. Can’t wait to get out on the surf; back out on the surf.

So, we stopped into the local surf shop looking for a gift. We have bought several wetsuits as our son has grown out of his first one that he had at 9 months. (No, back then he wasn’t a surfer, just a baby taking swim lessons in a far too cold pool.) Today I was looking for a beach sarong for my mom’s birthday and maybe a replacement pair of sunglasses for me (I lost mine on Monday. A serious problem.)

I get it. I expect surfer mentality at a surf shop. It is when other shops exhibit this behavior that I wonder why they do it – why pay rent and not take advantage of the prime shopping hours – those followed by other retailers in the area? At least the surfer dude, shop owner is clear in their intentions from the front door where they have posted their “hours of operations” sign.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Check it out for yourself. At least they realize that summer matters in a vacation spot / beach town, whether or not you can count on 10-6 seven days a week in the summer is another issue altogether.

Surf Shop Hours of Operation

Surf Shop Hours of Operation

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