Just a Bit Outside

It is getting warmer, just a bit outside… not enough to spend the entire day out there, even in the bright sunlight.

  • Ditch the coats.
  • Wear shoes without socks.
  • Leave the scarf at home.
  • Put on a cap.
  • Sit in the sunshine.

Unless, you are out west where they have been experiencing a blizzard, sub freezing temps and lots of snow is falling. (Just looking at the weather map made me cold again…or, maybe it was my risky adventure out of doors.)

Also, unless you are here and it is not quite far enough over 30 degrees, consistently yet.

I was there lingering, just a bit outside – but I had the wrong impression of the weather today. Followed my belief (or hope) that it was indeed warmer today; so I skipped the coat, socks and scarf, which made me feel chilled. Even with the cap (worn more to shield my indoor sensitive winter eyes from the sun) it is still too cold to go out like it is already spring.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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