Just One More Bite

How do you keep yourself from taking just one more bite, after you “know” you should be done?

Of course cookies are hard to resist. They are so delicious. They are perfect little treats. One cookie can’t be all bad, right?

When you say that to yourself, you’re probably thinking one of a few things:

  • It tastes so good, I can’t resist.
  • I’m still hungry.
  • I don’t want a lot, but a little taste.
  • I’ve been good all day.

I have to ask… why do you need to justify a cookie?

Well. I can guess. (I might be wrong, but…)

There are a lot of cultures and religions that follow a tradition of a seasonal fast, or a fasting routine. In fact, right now, it is the season of Lent, but I admit that I do not to give up things, food or other activities to observe the holiday. Nor, as I think you may know, New Year’s resolutions.

The timing of making a change in your eating, lifestyle or other habits, in my humble opinion, should be that you think it is necessary. You have thought it through and decided it is the right thing for you, your mindset or your body (ahem, health).

Don’t just give something up because someone else said you should. It won’t work. You have to believe it is right.

Then, again, the French macaron can be even more tempting than a chocolate chip cookie. And, maybe a bit better – no gluten, low sugar, melts in your mouth. So, maybe it gets you past the concept of just one more bite, because, you don’t have to take a bite to enjoy it, completely, thoroughly and without the slightest bit of guilt. Give yourself the okay to do it…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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