It’s Okay to Leave

What do you do when things are not to your liking? The happy hour event you’d heard was such a great time, the wait for a table – even in your favorite lunch spot, watching an Oscar nominated movie or the most sought after play…they are all the same. Like I expounded upon yesterday – give yourself permission to leave. Yes. It’s okay to leave.

Certainly there are some situations when you cannot walk away from a commitment, but there are times when the only option is to protest and make your point known.

Show that you have self-respect and that you must exemplify how very disappointed you are with the situation.

I’ve left movies in the middle – okay, maybe it was just one or 2 movies. But, we’ve abandoned many more on video or Netflix or television. We don’t have to show that we are voting with our dollars, our time and our energy are still valuable – at least to us.

Certainly there are formal events, like a family wedding or a reunion that you would hurt loved ones if you left in the middle, but a movie or a play – nope – you can go.

Do what makes you happy. Feel proud of yourself and what you have accomplished today – after all, there is only so much time and none should be wasted.

Instead, read a book, watch the kids play outside, call your sister or talk to your friends. Do more work.

It’s your choice.

When we were children, we had to wait for permission. Finish your dinner. Clear your plate. After everyone was done eating. Then we would be told it’s okay to leave. Now, go, enjoy the rest of your evening.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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