Leave Early

It’s Friday…a chance, perhaps to leave early and get a head start on the weekend.

Every Friday.

At least that is the goal. It doesn’t work out that way, but we think that it is fair…

With all hours of all the other days that we do work, at least one short day should be deserved – right?  Plus, I have to be somewhere for a work-related event on Sunday. All-day-long.

When things are going to go into over-time, you should plan for your exit. Gracefully, of course.

I totally forgot about the long-anticipated event at school when I wrote yesterday’s blog. We did give ourselves permission to leave early. Both to get there (not early enough, but the seats we got were still good) and then, to depart before the one way exit line became a waste of a gallon of gas. She also gave us permission to head out before the long drawn out scoring and cheering began. Thank goodness. Our future may not be quite so lucky.  We should take our chances when we have them.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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