Do You Give Yourself Permission

Sometimes, especially this week, I wonder whether or not people give themselves the latitude to speak up and trust themselves. A good question to ask “Do you give yourself permission

  • to say no?
  • to say yes?
  • to try again?
  • to take a risk?
  • to do it over again?
  • to to make a mistake?

Taking risks are hard. Feeling like you might fail when you might not have the capability of failing – whether financially or mentally. Indecision. Doubt. Insecurity. These thoughts can keep you from growing into things that you can accomplish, that you can do better. If you are on stage and you feel the pressure to perform – perhaps you hesitate, but you cannot exactly say “No.”

You can’t sigh and walk away.

You can’t just stand there, either.

There is an urgency of timing and acting now. Now. NOW!

Imagine the staring down of an audience who has you in this disadvantaged position; whether you are standing in front of your team, your entire department, your manager, the Vice President of the company. Standing in front of all of your clients, constituents and your colleagues.

You are put on the spot and you need to do something, say something.

I just cannot get the mistake at the Oscars out of my head.  She was caught up in the moment.  He knew it was wrong.

The other day, when I gave him a pass maybe I should not have done so. I won’t hold a grudge, but it could have been avoided. He could have said “wait a minute, I need more direction here.”

Isn’t that what actors do?

I doubt that any of us are without hesitation, not giving ourselves a chance to speak up and say “wait a minute…”

Few of us are without blame. But, maybe, just maybe a simple, open ended question can allow you some latitude:

Do you give yourself permission?  Say yes. Say no. Try again. Take a risk. Do it over again. Take a chance. You might make a mistake, but you will have the opportunity to make up for it.  You can’t ever make up for not trying. Just step forward and make your move.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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