It Happens To Everyone

Technological glitch? It happens to everyone.

So…Reboot. Restart.

Though, in reality, not all problems are caused by machines. Sometimes, there are human factors to consider.

In which case…Refresh. Rethink.

  • Keyed in your pin the wrong way, not once, but twice? Don’t let it happen three times! Just take a breath and try again.
  • Introducing yourself and you stumble over your name and your title…pause – they don’t know you. It will be fine – chances are they will need a reminder on your name the next time you meet and who cares (really) about the title?
  • Selected the special on the feature menu for the evening but it is already kicked, or 86’d or no longer available? Choose another special – there really isn’t anything to lose, if they’re all done then the restaurant is popular and the rest of the menu is sure to be a winner.
  • Picked the wrong title on Netflix, then agreed to watch the trailer for some totally unrelated movie? Well, maybe it will be good, but, you know…it depends on the original title you selected. If that was marginal, you can expect the teaser trailer to be pretty bad, too.

No matter what – just…Relax.

On that last one, well, I typically shoot for a 7/10 as a minimum, but will give in – if bored – to a 6/10 and then further sacrifice my dignity for a 5.7 if the cover image is intriguing. Hopefully no one is tracking what I am watching. If they are, well, then I can only hope that it happens to everyone when they need more sleep or can’t get to sleep either.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl



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